Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just minding my own business and came across this sexy pic..

It was so seriously sexy to me,I had to save it and share it! I anticipate doing this scenario,give or take a few less clothing items,very soon! I am crazy hot right now!! XXXXX

Saturday, December 21, 2013

So the Holidays are here!!

And I am firmly entrenched in the good cheer of it all! There really is something magical to me about this time of year. I love the decorations,the corny Christmas carols,the well wishing from strangers in stores and on the streets..all of it! Yes,there's more hustle and bustle with the extra gatherings and parties(if you're lucky!),the gift selecting and procuring and just general briskness in activity as the climactic days wrap to an end.This is the part that I savor the most...the anticipation,the energy of this time of year...the surprise and hopefully delight of your beloveds' faces when they open your carefully selected gifts.(By the way,I did have some "naughty santa's helper" lingerie on order for a select few to unwrap on me,it's on the slowboat from who know where,apparently,lol.)

But I do digress..back to the season.My point is,that if you can,cherish the moments,embrace your loved ones,create some new memories..If you can sneak away to share a moment with me,wonderful!! I will be sure to put something special in my stockings for you,ME! xoxoxox <Happy Holidays Everyone!! xxxx

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another sunny ,crisp autumn day in sexy land.....

Oooh,I love the crunch of the leaves under foot and the faint distinct aroma of a wood burning fireplace as I walk down the street in my neighborhood! So,I do hope that all had a lovely pre Halloween saturday evening,I know I certainly did! I do live in a fantastic part of town with the well known Chicago pubs. It was a blast doing a pub crawl with my girls in costume,it's been a while since I've done that!
Most places were jumping and fun and if not,we finished our drinks and moved on.I wish I could get a pic of us last night,we were quite the eclectic group! One girl dressed as a pretty pony,with a bra over her triple D's,lol,another as a slutty witch with a blinged up broomstick,I was a sexy sailor in port for the night with my double D's spilling nearly all the way out of my top and my now ass length blonde hair grazing my back side ,my victoria secrets thigh high boots and finally we had a Pam Anderson,with her red latex body suit and heels,haha. Too much fun! So if you saw us out,dancing in the streets,yep that was me in the center of that crazy hot pack!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Demystifying the Yoni Worship (Tantra Yoni Massage)

Firstly I'd say that most men have a general idea about how to please their mate or partner at  the moment.  However,if you'd like it to be more of a memorable,say mind blowing experience for both (particularly you "pleaser" men~you know who you are) continue reading . Tantra as a practice in your love life is incredible in so many ways .

One way being,there is no end to discovering the pleasure of your lover..meaning , to me , that each time that you share an encounter together , that it builds upon the last and becomes more intense and intimate . That is really a powerful experience for most and also why I keep my most intimate encounters to a very few , lucky individuals . I smile and wink as I write that last sentence..

 Now I will try to give some basic teaching on a yoni massage and unfortunately , the very best video that I located at one point I did not bookmark , but my favorite is amazing , the downside being  ,it's just quite lengthy...Yoni massage teaching video :Email me for the link,it is not allowed here for some reason,sorry fellas (and ladies!). It's very educational and HOT!!
On the physical level, the Yoni massage starts with massaging other erogenous zones, including the breasts, behind the knees, abdomen, and the thighs. Aromatic oils should be used as well and poured directly over the Yoni at the beginning and during the session.
The Yoni massage is one of the most satisfying experiences not only for a woman, but for her partner as well and is also an ancient lovemaking art that could transform men from good lovers to amazing ones.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New exciting duos,whew!

I've had a bit of writer's block,but really it is stemming from total and complete exhaustion. I've needed to take a couple of days off to recharge, for as you gentlemen know,I do like to stay fresh and sassy! I have been recently offering and participating in more duos sessions with my very dearest and long time friend ,the beautiful Isabella Dhakini,but even more recently, a newer acquaintance, Miss Pretty Peyton!

Firstly,there were odd circumstances that introduced Peyton to myself,lol. I should thank the obsessed provider (mine and other blonde femme fatales' online stalker) that brought about our introduction . In fact , a couple of ladies came to be known by me because of this silly situation. Secondly , Peyton and I are bizarrely similar in build , looks and temperament . We also nearly share the same birthdate. And have started finishing each other's sentences,so it was a natural following that we should offer duos and would find it interesting to even offer a "twins" fantasy date for a lucky few..

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I am authentic!

This seal comes from the folks at They started offering these to ladies that they have had some proof of their legitimacy. Since,they have met me at various events,they have my government issued id (driver's license) on file , a pic of me holding the word "eros" and the date taken by my phone,I think that I have passed that in
Alrighty,I've been too busy to write sexy thoughts ,but I've kept you waiting long enough I'm sure...and I do soooo love to tease and titillate as you may have guessed.

So I've been kicking around some sexy offerings,I like to keep you stimulated in more than one way and I've come up with a couple of ideas..

Sunday, July 7, 2013

So onward an a sense.. ;}

Recently I have been having tremendous adventures with my clients. Actually,I lied,I almost always do!! I really do rarely have very few gentlemen callers so to speak and it is by my choice. I cherish my health,both mental and otherwise and also want my sessions to be very special encounters. I do not knock anyone for working in other ways,that is just what works for me. Good to know thyself.

So anyway, I met this particular gentleman via email and he had sent me photos of himself along with his verification(so that I may recognize him ,as he newly moved to our country and had few references). We emailed a bit back and forth and I was really tickled by his twist on english . He came across as very cute and sweet and I became very intrigued to meet him. He asked me to pick a restaurant for dinner and libations before our dessert (you know what that means,come on,haha). So I chose one I thought he may enjoy ,it has a flair reminiscent of his country.
I arrived before him and awaited him on the patio near the water and it really was an absolutely lovely summer evening. I was dressed in a turquoise colored , sexy , but not over the top , tank style dress ,that hugged my God given curves~have I thanked You lately for them,by the way ,I do here!? With platinum colored heels and accessories , I was feeling pretty darn sexy if I do say so..and every head turning my way as I glide through the restaurant confirmed that I chose my outfit well. The server arrives and I nervously place an order for a double martini. I do always get nervous,yes, before meeting someone new.
After an email telling me that he had valeted, I smooth the bottom of my skirt for any wrinkles , get to the edge of my chair to be ready to pop up and start peering towards the entrance,trying terribly hard not to be too obvious..And in, he does arrive...oh my God..he is a giant of a man , nearly bursting out of his clothes! He told me he was large , but pictures only tell so much. And by big, I mean thick and muscular. Wow!!Now ,not to brag I have seen my fair share of professional sports players as a massage therapist. This guy rivaled some of the larger Bears players,wowsa. I am a curious lass,so as he sits down and starts to nervously ramble (so cute to me,by the way), I had to touch his leg to see just how firm he rally was. So I did so when I asked if he'd like a cocktail. Hmm,slick I am,hehe. Oh shoot! I have a date ,but I promise to return to finish this hopefully this evening.It's a very good story filled with sex and intrigue..well at least,some naughtiness..:) XO

Not Him just a good visual.

Ok ,so on an usually quiet monday for me , I can finally finish this story.... I touch Mr. Big's thigh lightly and it's akin to a marble column(holy crap!),I'm excited and frightened a little at the same time . This guy is really big..giggling . We have a couple of cocktails and appetizers , relishing each other's company ,occasional touches and lusty glances and obvious chemistry , so I suggest we head back to my place for our dessert time..meow.
He is intrigued that I drive a scooter and I offered to drive him on the back the couple of blocks to my studio. He reluctantly agreed ,but I think it turned him on to have me in control. He gets on and my little bike groans a bit and we make our way back with him stroking and caressing my body the whole way (wowsa,so hot!). I'm driving with a huge grin on my face as his wandering hands feel great and I'm thankful no bugs flew into my mouth , lol. We enter and freshen up in the restroom and repose on the sofa where we hungrily start exploring one another with hands , mouths , tongues ,etc. it is getting really hot and we without words , just start stripping off our clothes. His mouth is on my breast , my neck , nibbling my ear..(oh no , don't swallow my earring !0 I'm straddling his lap and with one fell swoop he produces a cover from seemingly thin air and on I go!! The night pretty much continues with an intense pace of position changes, mouths sucking ,licking , his occasional growls..yes he was growling~(he did ask if I , of course not)!! Until we were finally spent , laying like two puddles with legs intertwined , catching our breath or more like gasping for air..I finally get enough energy to get two preheated towels and a large bottle of water as we both realized how late it actually was , lol. ( I don't have a clock in my fun room). So , reluctantly and slowly we start to put ourselves together again and promise to see other very soon...mmmm , I know it is a night we will not soon forget . Dang this story makes me horny again!! xoxox Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Software

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

As I celebrate with friends and family today , our nation's independence from England , I also count my personal blessings. Not only that I was privileged to be born in this great nation , but also that I have had the opportunity to have so many wonderful people in my life to share that freedom with ! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
And yes , I do tear up when I have my hand over my heart singing that song~every time.....xoxox M

Saturday, June 29, 2013


So I just had my beautiful new scooter delivered! Woooweee ,it is fast! Just what I needed to end a great week, thank you to my spectacular clients.BIG Smooches!!
  I waited a long time to ride again for a few reasons....Chicago drivers and did I mention Chicago drivers,lol. Already a taxi tried to squeeze me off a bridge , yikes ! But I grew up riding since I was a wee little girl (written with a scottish accent) so I managed to maintain my cool and my safety.  My dad loved motorcycles ~actually , anything motorized~and had one for each of us and then some. Come to think of it,I don't recall where he stored all of them , haha. No matter ! So after many non returned phone calls , countless poring over of ads and finally enlisting help from friends , it arrived and was so pretty , I gasped!! In fact I squealed and clapped my hands with pure delight. :) I actually ordered a pair of them as my very dear friend had found 2 little beauties from the same seller. So I surprised her and bought her one as well. Now standing at the side of this pick up were two grown women with shit eating grins squealing and jumping and clapping. The seller and his friend laughed hard at us . We didn't care...

After some quick go overs on the bikes and title signing , they were ours !! Omg! And so fast !! I jumped on mine , spun the throttle and my feet nearly flew off the foot rests...holy crap , we better practice on these, Paige! So we rode around Wicker Park side streets and messed around , braking , turning , etc. You see , my girl Paige had a beautiful Vespa that somebody  borrowed , crashed and left at the crash friend was devastated and not able to foot the extensive repair bill and subsequent multiple parking tickets that ensued. I really did hate to see her so blue. I love giving , it truly is priceless to see someone smile like that !
 Alright , so I'm speeding down the road and lo and behold , this thing really is a vibrating machine , ahem , if you catch my drift...woah, I need a cold shower , I'm heading out to eat with friends, I can't arrive all juicy..
..or can I? XO 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mmm rainy days...

Does anyone else occasionally enjoy the rainy summer days? Sometimes I do as well..such as today , I am seriously considering making some of my homemade chili . Yesterday was a different story as I was out and about doing errands as well as working on my flowers outside . I love beautiful flowers !

While I was outdoors kneeling around the plants ,with my trowel in one hand ,wearing a thin , white , clingy t-shirt and cut off jean shorts , I was caught in a sudden burst of showers. Normally this would have had me heading straight for shelter , but I was determined to finish this project. You see I've been putting it off out of sheer insane busi-ness . So I continued to work and fairly quickly the rain had soaked my hair and soon rain drops found their way into my eyes ..I brush them away and decide that it's ok , I am water proof and actually it's fairly warm , so I don't mind . Project completed ,the boxes are securely screwed tightly to the deck and I gather my tools and head to my car ....on to my next item on my to-do list. Having some paper towels in my back seat , I quickly squeeze the excess water from hair , blot the moisture from my face and arms and proceed to Milwaukee ave. Getting out of my vehicle and walking down to the bank , I notice several men leering at me much more than the usual . "What the heck ?" , I think as I enter the bank lobby and start my transaction . I look down at my purse which I had hung across my body messenger bag style and that's when I notice . My perky double D's anouncing themselves to the world in my slightly damp but now very transparent lace bra and t-shirt. Holy Crap , I may get arrested for indecent exposure and pull my top away from my body quickly , lol..  I hurriedly retrieve my card from the atm and jog as fast as my sandals would allow.. back to my car . I've been told more than once that when I run , it's a bit like a Baywatch clip ,'s really not intentional . Well several catcalls and whistles later , I'm safely back in my driver's seat . When the anxiety starts to recede I realize I am now becoming incredibly aroused by my brief public nudity and am hoping to see one of my clients soon in order to share my wetness with ...I may even wet my t-shirt again...XOXO

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Fever!!

Does anyone else have the fever and I'm not talking about the flu bug..I dodged many bugs this winter,woo..I'm instead talking about spring fever! I actually have been traveling this winter and it has helped to keep me sane...well that and a ridiculously mild winter,lol..I'm getting ready to head to Houston or should I mention Houston should get ready for me. (Delicious grin)
 It will be a welcome break from the Chicago winter,although I am not looking forward to the spiders there,yikes!! Anyway I digress...
 So I actually started writing this in early march.No plans to travel to what I'm sure is a very steamy Houston very soon~unless I am persuaded by a handsome cowboy,hmmm..
  And yes,I do hate to see our temps dip below 70 degrees again..especially since I am seriously contemplating purchasing a scooter. Weeee! Imagining myself riding with my skirt and high heels gives me a chuckle.I have ridden my bicycle that way,as I have been spotted by a couple of clients,so they know I am telling the truth.And yes,my skirt did ride all the way up nearly to waist height from the peddling motion,lol. After a while,I just gave up the losing battle of  tugging on the hem of the skirt and left it bound around my hips,lol. I'm sure a thrill was had by many of the pedestrians and traffic passerby'ers. Or not , depending on your tastes . Giggling.. So yes , I again want to experience the breeze blowing through my hair,gently refreshing me and exhilirating me at the same time . Kind of like a great session ;) ...Anyone fancy buying me a Vespa? :) XO Marina

Sunday, March 10, 2013

One delicious whirlwind weekend,Houston,I left my heart with you!!! XXX

I have to start out by saying that I have been meeting the most impressive men...I am astonished by the qualities of kindness and generosity that you gentlemen have shown to me.I mean it with all of my heart when I express this,thank you!! Ok,so now on to my sexy ,fun story..

   As you may already have been reading,I do enjoy playing the part of the vixen....simply put,I have been one since adolescence,so technically,I guess I am not "playing"..I suddenly ran across an incredible deal to fly to Houston  about 10 days ago..and after struggling with the decision,bought the tickets,booked my room and reserved my transport and was soon on my way,sight unseen and slightly nervous..I posted a couple of ads in Houston and had one response that intrigued me.I am oh so very titillated when a gentleman displays manners and excellent grammar.It denotes intelligence..and men,I can scarcely resist that!! He had written me before I left for my trip and as our emails continued back and forth,I could sense a real connection beginning to form. That only adds to my growing excitement and slight after confirming my arrival day to town,we set up a date for the following evening..
I had to devote some time with family during the day,but our impending date was very much on the front of my mind and I picked up several items during the day to have for my elicit evening partner..I was really becoming excited and anticipating a fun night ahead as our emails began to pick up some serious steam...meow,was I getting aroused! (***Please let me clarify,I normally do not have a lot of time to email back and forth, however ,I was away and he was inquiring as to what my favorite stores were,lingerie preferences ,sizes ,types of cuisines I preferred and favorite champagnes~he was shopping for gifts for me as well as planning our evening out! These kinds of emails,a girl always will endeavor to answer!****)
Ok,so it's time to dress,I go with the nude colored clingy,short tank dress with the sexy cuban heel thigh highs..
A pic says it all!
Ready to meet my date in the lounge.It's so pretty and romantic and I cannot wait.Even though,I really didn't have a clear idea of what my gentleman looked like,I spotted him walking in right away. He was beautifully dressed in an elegant grey suit , well groomed , grinning from ear to ear (my favorite accessory~a smile) and carrying two large Nordstrom's shopping bags..I was so stunned and delighted and when we kissed , it was as though we were already well acquainted..So sweet! We sat closely and began conversing and laughing , hardly noticing the polite waitress waiting to take our drink orders. :)
I will tell you, I scarcely remember the lovely meal we shared and in fact recall ,getting drinks to go and heading back up to my room...Wow!!,is all I will tell you ,in fact ,so "wow" we agreed to meet again for the next evening for a repeat ,lol...I really love Houston!!! Thank you,E and I cannot wait until next time! XXXX

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's to all of my readers!

Today if you are single,it's a great day to hit up that provider that you've been checking out! You know the one! If you do have a SO,then I wish you all of the sexual bliss that you can stand tonight! Don't forget to get her a nice gift,personally,I would go crazy if you gave me some gorgeous lingerie,but maybe you should stick to a Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom gift certificate for her,just to be
Enjoy and lucious kisses to all! XOXO Marina

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yippee,I'm going to a Burlesque Party!!

Giggling,I didn't know such a theme existed,it seems perfectly crafted just for me! I am so excited as I know the event planner and she is a genius. So,what to wear, what to wear....I do have to mention one thing here,not very many men request outfits,so many of mine have gone untouched..literally,still in the bags that I purchased them in.
 It may be that I have not mentioned or offered before,but I love to dress sexy. I have to be discreet with you in public places,but in the private ones? out! In fact,I may have to confess that I love my girls just a little too much,haha,I seem to be wearing lower and lower cut tops..soon I will need garment tape like Jennifer Lopez..oh oh! So come on guys,start making those requests!! Even purchase me something you'd like to see me in,I'm game! I'm 36DD and medium everything else (or size 6),if that helps..
 Oh and did I mention that I'm bringing Nuru massage back? That is somewhat limited and I need a bit of pre booking,but for now,I do have  great locations in Naperville,O'hare and Downtown Chicago.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the naughty,fun talk!

Well, I just read another review about me,sweet!! Thank you U. O.,I will strive to make you even more ecstatic next time,as we are no longer strangers (grinning)! I do begin my sessions with a bit of a conversation and some refreshments,it is part of building  the anticipation and sexual tension.It's sooo much more delicious that way,trust me! It's also part of tantra, a way of my getting an accurate feel for you and then mentally picturing how the session will be best .I never want to disappoint,nor are any two sessions the same! I am too much of a giver and I really,really love a man's body....of course a woman's as well,but in a slightly different manner. :)
So the session does begin a bit slowly and builds in intensity,I love to do bodywork and feel a man's strength,his muscular legs , sexy back,strong neck and arms,I really love working the gluts...mmm,I may have a bit of a fetish there,I also may be tempted to nibble a bit here and there,hehee. it's getting me excited just writing about it...and you men that think you don't have a good body,you do! I am amazed how many times I hear that and I sincerely want to reassure you that I find you very appealing.I love men's bodies in all shapes and sizes!Why NOT!? You have ALL the equipment that I long to play with!! YUMM!
Then when I seductively whisper in your ear,"Do you want to turn over",well that's when I get REALLY heated up and can barely control myself! And off to ecstasy land we go! So let's see each other soon,I'm off to play now,yummy men! XO Marina