Monday, December 31, 2012

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Book An Appointment

Are you looking for a serene, sensual escape in a private, comfortable setting, with a hot surfer girl.
I am now making appointments with select gentlemen who would like to experience a lovely morning, afternoon or evening with me. My incall location is extremely private, romantic, and serene. When you come here, you can feel as if you have stepped out of the city and into a sensual , cozy refuge.
To book an appointment with me, please e-mail me at, I look forward to hearing from you!
Until we meet.... XOXO Marina

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alright,naughty blogging time...

Now this is what it's all about!! When I have a great connection with  my guest,there's nothing sexier on the face of the earth,nor a happier girl!!! I've been told that I'm lucky that I have such a high sex drive,haha...I cannot imagine not having it! I am very selective and have very few interactions of the most intimate nature,much to many's surprise..It is just how I am..but oh baby when the stars align!!!! Whew!
As they did very recently..I received an inquiry from a gentleman,that did make me curious.I was able to easily google him and his photos actually came up immediately.I always like to see you as much as you enjoy seeing me,gentlemen,but I am unique,in that I am visual... He was very cute,so I was like "yippee!". Let's get him in asap. Haha,I am so naughty! He schedules a time and I eagerly set out to my studio to get it ready for our rendezvous.I purchase the wine,bring some new candles,of course, pack the thigh highs and sexy boots,and I'm soon on my way..Ooops,just got a text,be right back!

  Ok,well that text turned out to be another adventure that I'm savoring and will write about at another time..I have the best life ever!!!
  So,I'm getting prepared to meet my handsome new date and do a last minute once over of my studio,fresh sheets with linen spray,check,plenty of freshly washed and folded towels next to the bed,check,everything cleaned ,straightened and ready for company,check,oops,forgot to light the candle by the bed and turn on the towel warmer~yes ,I love spoiling my dates!~Alright,just need to meet him in at the door and we are ready!

 I go to the glass door and start scanning the street and walkers by to see if it could be him coming up.Not so far and I feel the anticipation rising and my juices starting to flow and moisten my sheer panties..darn!! I can never wait patiently! I only had to wait about 2 minutes and I see a man that resembles his photos coming up.Yes!!! It's him and he's grinning at me,like I am at him,lol...I love that! I open the door for me and whisk him indoors,it's really gusty outside! He comes into the foyer and I give him a big hug and a squeeze,,he feels really nice..mmmm and smells a little like fragrant pipe tobacco.I like it. I show him around a bit,where he can freshen up,etc..then invite him to join me for some wine. He says "yes",he'd love a glass and I'm gushing with delight..Yawn,today's adventures have worn me out a bit,I will continue this tomorrow... XXXX

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Erotic Massage Stories,Chicago style :}

Hello Everyone ,
It has been a bit since I've put pen to paper ,so to speak . I have been "good" busy , as I hope all of you have as well !
  I have had the privilege of catching up with some old friends~meaning , favorite clients from the past have found me once again , yay ! I love when that happens , it feels like good karma or something wonderful like that .... giggling ..

 So I open up my emails , stretching cat like , sipping my coffee , when I spot an address that seems familiar . An address that I recognized , but couldn't place . Oh , oh ,  this could go either way , haha .
I brace myself and open it to read ..What ?! It's a really good one ! A smoldering client that I had regularly seen a couple of years ago ,wow !

I was soo delighted ! AND he wanted to schedule within the next couple of days ! Yippee ! I could hardly wait as I found him to be very attractive , distinguished and just plain hot !! Meow !

More to follow , promise ! Gotta run !  XO

Ok , a bit late , but here's the rest of the story .... :)

When I received his available time for our session from Mr . X. , I was wearing a sexy pair of snug leather pants , thigh high black boots , and tight , provocative sweater .
I was mounting my scooter . Which was perfect timing ,
because the very thought of an upcoming rendezvous really gets my juices flowing ..

Upon returning from my ride around the city , I opted for a steamy shower to
 clear my thoughts and wash away the dampness that accompanies an especially thrilling ride on top of a powerful , vibrating , humming machine .

After my shower , my hair still wrapped in a towel , I lightly stroke the lingerie in my drawer , pondering what to wear for my date .

I love how it feels in my hands ....
I finally settle on a black silky , clingy La Perla slip , a matching black satin thong , a pair of killer black boots and some sultry , deep red lipstick .

After strutting around my apartment wearing only my lingerie , I decide that I should probably wear something over it , since I was going to an upscale hotel in downtown , lol .
 I settle on a sleek , chic black dress , that wouldn't draw too much attention , nor look out of place for my elegant destination .

I really relish the moment when I glide through the revolving doors of a hotel
and sway through the reception area . Maintaining both the attitude of confident , beautiful executive and sex kitten , who is ready for a night of pure unrestricted pleasure ....
 I entered the elevator and ask the sharply attired man already in there , to press the button for my floor .
 I pretended not to notice him staring longingly at my shapely round ass , full breasts . Instead I look into the mirror and demurely run my hands through my long thick blonde mane ... So deliciously naughty , I know .  😁

When we reach the next floor , a middle aged couple entered trying very hard not to appear together , but it was clear from their chemistry , that they were .
They both were glancing constantly , but subltly over at me  and it was really starting to arouse me .
 I love this because I know that under my flirtatious , body skimming dress , I am also wearing VERY naughty lingerie . If they only knew !!
 I imagined that I may become part of their fantasy later that evening when they made love , adding me to their secret risque' tryst ... .oooooh ..

Here is my floor , time to make my way down the hall to his room . Getting closer , I felt a wave of heat , excitement and intense desire and found myself losing control a little ! My thong now warm and wet at the sheer thought of the evening ahead of me .
I quickly nervously grope quickly through my purse , looking for my lipgloss and a little powder . I wanted to be perfect when my date first saw me again ......
 I arrive at his room number and knock softly on the door . I am so nervous , excited and flushed with anticipation !

A handsome , mature , white haired gentleman wearing an elegant pinstripe suit and a crisp white shirt opens the door . I could not help it , I gasp faintly, he was so handsome , wow !
We hug and tenderly kiss one another on the cheek and he offers a nice glass of wine . The room is beautiful , I comment and inwardly note that he had placed candles around the room and had sexy music softly playing in the background ..

 After catching up a bit and having a little wine , I suggest I change into the outfit that he had requested . Ohhh , I can barely wait to .

By now , I am drenched and aching with desire for him , I really love my "job"!!

I was soon in character as his wanton secretary , who had secretly wanted to seduce him , her married boss , for months . In this fantasy , we were forced to stay late at the office finishing an important project . I casually brush his shoulder with my breast , while leaning over his shoulder , my blouse enticingly unbuttoned . He seems excited by the " accidental " contact , so I decide to lightly give his shoulders a massage . By his response , he's clearly enjoying it and I become emboldened . I caress the middle of his back and slowly work my hands towards his chest and abdomen ...

 His barely audible resistance , becomes less and less and turns to moans of pleasure as I unzip his slacks and begin intently stroking him . I continue to slowly , teasingly , undress him . All the time keeping my hands on and massaging his very hard , delicious penis ..

My date was most certainly in a total state of bliss , with his head laid back and eyes closed . All the while I gently probe , stroke him and then come around front to his lap . Where I sit my very wet , pulsing spot on his hungry , throbbing  , hot pipe ...
The night continued this way as I  proceeded to tease , lick , fondle him and
push him to the edge of bliss over and over , again and again.....

We were unrelenting during our 3 hours together ! When our extraordinary evening was finally over and I quietly left the hotel – with one very happy gentleman blissfully tucked in bed upstairs- I looked as pulled together and chic as when I first arrived .
But look a little closer and you will see the slightest secret smile as I disappear into the night ..

Monday, August 6, 2012

On a sexier note......

.....I have ordered some new spicey add ons that I am excited to share with some of my established friends.
I'll give you a hint,one is a piece of furniture,the'll have schedule to see.Ok,ok,one peek and that's it! Haha. See you soon.. XO Marina


To the delicious men that I've had great experiences with already,please ignore the spanking that I'm about to administer to the potential trouble makers that I choose to avoid like the plague.XO Marina

Ok,I was just contacted by yet another supposed TER member,I have repeatedly asked The Erotic Review board to remove mention of me everywhere on their site on and off for the last five years.Not that there is anything bad on there about me,I just get frustrated when a "potential" client ,who claims that they saw my review,then asks me questions that are already answered many times over in my reviews,on my site as well as here.And that seems to be a prolific amount of TER referrals for some reason.

 Questions such as,are those pics really you?

 One more time,lol. I sent my driver's license and held a paper with the date in my mirror and took a picture  on my blackberry to be published on,,and the 3 or 4 other sites that I am on....Also a previous client answered in a discussion about me on The Erotic Review saying that he saw me 5 years ago,that I am real and a certified massuese and that I am a professional model .All things that are true.

Next are the rates questions. I cannot and will not ever reply to those as it is incriminating.They are posted,enuff said.

I won't even get started about the sessions questions,but thankfully those are few and far between.I also simply delete emails that ask me for any details about the sessions as those are leading and incriminating for me to answer.Come on TER guys,I thought you were "hobbyists" you should already know these things.Tsk,tsk,I may have to take you to task.

And if you cannot be bothered filling out my contact form,I'm going to say,I won't likely be bothered with you.
I really,really hate sounding like such a beeyatch,please forgive me all sweet men that I get to meet! Until then,XXXXXOOOO Marina

Friday, June 1, 2012

Here's the problem!

I love men and
I'm very sensual! There,I've said it! That's the first step to recovery,or so I'm told...Oh and the picture is a very close likeness,if I sit like that,but I usually don't so don't get too excited.. :D

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm sorry my readers,I feel as if I've been posting boring tutorials lately.I am fine tuning this,so please bear with me.I know you really all enjoy a "dirty read" so here's a little teaser to whet your appetites.

It is hard to choose from one situation to write about as I've had so many fun ones!
  One of my first clients back in the day when I became independent,(Some of you may remember way back when I was with Lace Spa~wowsa)was a gorgeous 20 something muscley stud,let's call him James.As soon as I saw him,I really became nervous,he was so hot! What was he doing here!!?
 After I discreetly wiped the little bit of drool forming at the corner of my mouth,I grinned ear to ear and extended my hand to shake his. Ooooh lala,were those piano keys in his mouth?!
Gotta run,I'll be back to finish this story ,promise!
Ok, a little bit more,then I've gotta go.
So,I ask James the usual ,can I get you anything,here's the restroom,etc. and then instruct him to get ready and let me know when he's on the table.All the time,I'm outside of the room,thinking "how am I going to focus,he's so dam cute?".  He mumbles something so I figure he 's ready for me and proceed into the room after a gentle knock on the door.
  OMG!!! There is a God! This guy's body is unreal! Rippling muscles,tight round buns,I feel all warm and tingly now and my heart is really racing...
Ok,so anyway,back to James!
He is startlingly gorgeous! I have to say,I do have very good looking clients and thank you,I feel very lucky indeed,but James is!!
So he's laying there innocently enough,just waiting for my now trembling hands to start their magic.
I attempt to make a little small talk as I warm the oil up in my hands and get it prepared to rub all over that magnificent body!
 Again,the drool seems to distract me just a little,I am human,you know..
I begin to spread the oil,stroke his shoulders and upper torso,sighing as I make every move on his taught muscular body,man,I really love my job! Haha,I digress...So,James starts chatting a bit to me,in between the moans,his not mine.I'm steadily biting my lip. :D
I am a professional after all! He strained his hamstrings a couple of days ago.Oh,well I am more than happy and equipped to help you with that,James..Yum,should I use my mouth? Would that be too forward?? I shake off the thoughts,before I frighten this sweet man away..

Monday, April 30, 2012

Spam anyone?!

So,if you've been reading my posts,thank you! And thank you even more supremely for setting an appointment! I really am thankful for the great men I've had the pleasure of working on ;)!
(yes,that is a wink,hee,hee).

   So,I am checking my trash and spam folders today for errant or misguided messages that go there accidentally.I know its been a day,but really?? 385 spam messages!!?? Come the hell on!

To the spammers only:
*No,I'm not interested in increasing my penis size.
*I have dish network,so you're too late on that one.
*I really don't want to "hook" up with you,Nikita,Anna and all the myriad other webcam models that market blindly.
*I don't go to Vegas,so I really cannot use your gambling secrets,sorry.
*I do not want to see Mary'snakedsh*&asspenis,actually not even sure what that's supposed to be~roughly translated,I suspect a lovely worm or trojan to crash my system.
*I also seriously doubt Mr. Doubtfire,that you do indeed represent the F.B.I. and that I urgently need to contact you.
*I do not know you,Philip from Nigeria,so why are you waiting for Mitchell in a chat room?And more importantly,why are you emailing me about this?
*AT&T,HELL NO,nuff said!
*If I want an Equifax score,I'm pretty sure I can find you to get that,so again,no thank you.
*I'm happy in my chosen field and really do not want to be an Ultrasound tech,nor desire a career in law enforcement(haha,that one cracks me up!).
*I would have to be a half dead crack whore to want a loan from you "Cash in an Hour",at 500% interest,holy crap! ~clearly my pics show I am not a crack partaker,as I certainly have meat on my bones. :}

The list sadly continues,but you spammers get the idea.Can you just consider this a blanket PASS on my mailbox?I would be eternally be grateful! Have a great day on this drizzly tuesday to everybody else.Sweet kisses to all,except the spammers...ok,maybe a less sweet kiss to you,I'm feeling generous.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Big Thank you!! XX

I just wanted to give a big virtual kiss and a "thank you!" from the bottom of my heart to all of the great guys that I've recently had the pleasure of meeting(and ones that I've been re-visited by especially).You have really made this a fun business for me and I am so grateful! It's not everyone that goes to work and comes home with a huge,$#@eating grin on their face. I feel very lucky and blessed indeed to have met/or know all of you.~Save for the one guy that was clueless and not reading my blog or any other sensical postings on the net about etiquette.No worries,he knows who he was and will be welcomed back,because he was actually cute and comical,just read up!~Again,thank you!! XXXXOOOO Marina

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day in a life of the erotic therapist. ;)

Well it's been a wee bit slow for work right now,so
I've been reading up about some new techniques to try on my next clients.I do expect to have some again at some point,lol.
Just kidding,I haven't been thaaat slow. I have many clients that travel for work and am pretty picky about who I let come to my studio lately. So it's been a great time to learn some new exciting techniques and organize and decorate a bit more in my new space. I've been completely stoked to use some of the new nuru lotion I picked up on amazon.Body to body massages are soooo hot! As I was about to enjoy shortly.after my brief hiatus.Yes!!! I had a client interested in trying a body to body.I love when clients are a little reserved when making requests for appointments,especially the more exotic offerings. They always end up being the most exciting,it might be the slight domme in me,lol.

A day like any other,or so I thought.. :)

So I open up my emails early this morning in anticipation of a busy day and lo and behold there is mostly spam and store sale notifications..ugh,really?! But then a very small font in an email catches my eye. It's a familiar address and I'm hoping another clients account hasn't been hacked by spammers,sending out viagra ads.
Wait,it's a legit note and he makes a unique request. Hmm,intriguing....and this time I actually thought before quipping back that I don't do fetish requests,because this email wasn't really written like that.
He actually proposed a fun adventure for an appointment,instead of just a massage. His idea was to pretend we were spending the day at the beach and we could rub suntan oil on each others bodies.I actually thought it was a great idea and just happened to buy a pretty sexy bikini from Victoria's S.He offered to bring the suntan lotion and the beach towels and I said "absolutely,it sounds fun!"So in preparation for the appointment,I find some nice reggae music that has a caribbean flair,stop at the store for some beachy refreshments,get my tan on so I look as sexy as possible in the new suit and eagerly await my date's arrival.
He was right on time and I had forgottten how cute he was from our last appointment...He was discreetly carrying a pretty full backpack,so I escorted him quickly down the hall to my studio..We chatted briefly,discussed where the best place for the beach would be set up at and before I knew it,he had plush towels nicely laid out and showed me the lotions he purchased.He really impressed me with how thorough he was.I suggested we get our suits on and gave him his privacy while we both changed.
   I came back to the "beach" area to find my guy just finishing up,I was actually a bit nervous and excited.He had some sexy shorts on and caught a glimpse of myself in my suit~yes thanks,pilates!! Haha.
I asked if he wanted to massage me first to break the ice and he looked pretty excited,so I was glad I asked.Well,I'd love to finish this story,but it does become rather sexy and I'm not sure who is all reading,but it was very exciting to say the least!