Sunday, September 2, 2012

Erotic Massage Stories,Chicago style :}

Hello Everyone ,
It has been a bit since I've put pen to paper ,so to speak . I have been "good" busy , as I hope all of you have as well !
  I have had the privilege of catching up with some old friends~meaning , favorite clients from the past have found me once again , yay ! I love when that happens , it feels like good karma or something wonderful like that .... giggling ..

 So I open up my emails , stretching cat like , sipping my coffee , when I spot an address that seems familiar . An address that I recognized , but couldn't place . Oh , oh ,  this could go either way , haha .
I brace myself and open it to read ..What ?! It's a really good one ! A smoldering client that I had regularly seen a couple of years ago ,wow !

I was soo delighted ! AND he wanted to schedule within the next couple of days ! Yippee ! I could hardly wait as I found him to be very attractive , distinguished and just plain hot !! Meow !

More to follow , promise ! Gotta run !  XO

Ok , a bit late , but here's the rest of the story .... :)

When I received his available time for our session from Mr . X. , I was wearing a sexy pair of snug leather pants , thigh high black boots , and tight , provocative sweater .
I was mounting my scooter . Which was perfect timing ,
because the very thought of an upcoming rendezvous really gets my juices flowing ..

Upon returning from my ride around the city , I opted for a steamy shower to
 clear my thoughts and wash away the dampness that accompanies an especially thrilling ride on top of a powerful , vibrating , humming machine .

After my shower , my hair still wrapped in a towel , I lightly stroke the lingerie in my drawer , pondering what to wear for my date .

I love how it feels in my hands ....
I finally settle on a black silky , clingy La Perla slip , a matching black satin thong , a pair of killer black boots and some sultry , deep red lipstick .

After strutting around my apartment wearing only my lingerie , I decide that I should probably wear something over it , since I was going to an upscale hotel in downtown , lol .
 I settle on a sleek , chic black dress , that wouldn't draw too much attention , nor look out of place for my elegant destination .

I really relish the moment when I glide through the revolving doors of a hotel
and sway through the reception area . Maintaining both the attitude of confident , beautiful executive and sex kitten , who is ready for a night of pure unrestricted pleasure ....
 I entered the elevator and ask the sharply attired man already in there , to press the button for my floor .
 I pretended not to notice him staring longingly at my shapely round ass , full breasts . Instead I look into the mirror and demurely run my hands through my long thick blonde mane ... So deliciously naughty , I know .  😁

When we reach the next floor , a middle aged couple entered trying very hard not to appear together , but it was clear from their chemistry , that they were .
They both were glancing constantly , but subltly over at me  and it was really starting to arouse me .
 I love this because I know that under my flirtatious , body skimming dress , I am also wearing VERY naughty lingerie . If they only knew !!
 I imagined that I may become part of their fantasy later that evening when they made love , adding me to their secret risque' tryst ... .oooooh ..

Here is my floor , time to make my way down the hall to his room . Getting closer , I felt a wave of heat , excitement and intense desire and found myself losing control a little ! My thong now warm and wet at the sheer thought of the evening ahead of me .
I quickly nervously grope quickly through my purse , looking for my lipgloss and a little powder . I wanted to be perfect when my date first saw me again ......
 I arrive at his room number and knock softly on the door . I am so nervous , excited and flushed with anticipation !

A handsome , mature , white haired gentleman wearing an elegant pinstripe suit and a crisp white shirt opens the door . I could not help it , I gasp faintly, he was so handsome , wow !
We hug and tenderly kiss one another on the cheek and he offers a nice glass of wine . The room is beautiful , I comment and inwardly note that he had placed candles around the room and had sexy music softly playing in the background ..

 After catching up a bit and having a little wine , I suggest I change into the outfit that he had requested . Ohhh , I can barely wait to .

By now , I am drenched and aching with desire for him , I really love my "job"!!

I was soon in character as his wanton secretary , who had secretly wanted to seduce him , her married boss , for months . In this fantasy , we were forced to stay late at the office finishing an important project . I casually brush his shoulder with my breast , while leaning over his shoulder , my blouse enticingly unbuttoned . He seems excited by the " accidental " contact , so I decide to lightly give his shoulders a massage . By his response , he's clearly enjoying it and I become emboldened . I caress the middle of his back and slowly work my hands towards his chest and abdomen ...

 His barely audible resistance , becomes less and less and turns to moans of pleasure as I unzip his slacks and begin intently stroking him . I continue to slowly , teasingly , undress him . All the time keeping my hands on and massaging his very hard , delicious penis ..

My date was most certainly in a total state of bliss , with his head laid back and eyes closed . All the while I gently probe , stroke him and then come around front to his lap . Where I sit my very wet , pulsing spot on his hungry , throbbing  , hot pipe ...
The night continued this way as I  proceeded to tease , lick , fondle him and
push him to the edge of bliss over and over , again and again.....

We were unrelenting during our 3 hours together ! When our extraordinary evening was finally over and I quietly left the hotel – with one very happy gentleman blissfully tucked in bed upstairs- I looked as pulled together and chic as when I first arrived .
But look a little closer and you will see the slightest secret smile as I disappear into the night ..