Monday, January 5, 2015

Amazingly erotic threesome?

I put a question mark as I do not think it's the same mental scene for all . But at any rate , this was how this particular evening proceeded.
The couple that I met with
were both very attractive . The husband was about 6' , nicely muscled and very charismatic . His lovely wife , a slender ,tall brunette with delicately shaped breasts that perfectly accented her svelte figure . 
They both were very playful and funny as we became comfortable and shared a couple of cocktails . I always allow the woman to take the lead as to not overstep any boundaries in their relationship . I do recognize that I'm an addition to an adventure and not there in any way steal a bride's thunder .
     I have met a few couples that enjoy the "swinging" lifestyle . In particular , inviting a female to share their mate with . I find that very intriguing and secure of them and probably would enjoy that personally were I to be in a relationship . We progress to the more intimate portion of the evening and I excuse myself to the restroom to give them a moment alone and also to remove my dress and heels . I stand for a moment and look in the mirror to decide if I should come out unclothed or to remain in my very naughty lingerie . I decide lingerie . They are seeking a highly sensual experience  I decide and that will add to it , along with my little strip tease . Well , I return to find that they have been indeed busy. I smile to myself . I love to see a couple so into one another . I begin caressing "Steve's" thighs and rubbing his wife's tawny back . They really are a sight to behold ....Sorry,if you need the ending you will have to wait for the book. :)