Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the naughty,fun talk!

Well, I just read another review about me,sweet!! Thank you U. O.,I will strive to make you even more ecstatic next time,as we are no longer strangers (grinning)! I do begin my sessions with a bit of a conversation and some refreshments,it is part of building  the anticipation and sexual tension.It's sooo much more delicious that way,trust me! It's also part of tantra, a way of my getting an accurate feel for you and then mentally picturing how the session will be best .I never want to disappoint,nor are any two sessions the same! I am too much of a giver and I really,really love a man's body....of course a woman's as well,but in a slightly different manner. :)
So the session does begin a bit slowly and builds in intensity,I love to do bodywork and feel a man's strength,his muscular legs , sexy back,strong neck and arms,I really love working the gluts...mmm,I may have a bit of a fetish there,I also may be tempted to nibble a bit here and there,hehee. it's getting me excited just writing about it...and you men that think you don't have a good body,you do! I am amazed how many times I hear that and I sincerely want to reassure you that I find you very appealing.I love men's bodies in all shapes and sizes!Why NOT!? You have ALL the equipment that I long to play with!! YUMM!
Then when I seductively whisper in your ear,"Do you want to turn over",well that's when I get REALLY heated up and can barely control myself! And off to ecstasy land we go! So let's see each other soon,I'm off to play now,yummy men! XO Marina