Thursday, August 2, 2018

For those times you just gotta "have me !"

To all of you patient and sweet gents who have been inquiring, I finally finished setting up my Niteflirt account !! 

It's a way of connecting when you can't make it to town, or out of bed or for no reason at all!! 
Here is my Niteflirt page for indulging in and having safe, naughty, flirty fun together !!

 Talk to Marina!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mercury in Retrograde , Uncle,I call Uncle!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

        For you that are not familiar with MIR, there is an actual astrological phenomenon called Mercury in Retrograde, where as the planet Mercury appears to move backwards~east to west, instead of west to east.
 It is in fact an illusion, but many believe that it's effect is somewhat similar to what happens during a full moon. It is believed for those that are sensitive(those born under the signs of Virgo and Gemini), they experience extremely unusual occurrences. Those of which generally are not very fun. Electronics seem to go haywire, cell phones, computers, etc. Items get lost in the mail as if in the Bermuda Triangle, a whole host of frustrating circumstances seem to happen to those of us whom are let's just call it, mercurial.

I mostly laugh off the effects and just keep a low profile until it appears in regular orbit again. If I told you why, it would be an entire other blog, lol. Let's just say I might be a believer now after all of the insane events that occur during this certain time frame !
This mir phenomenon is no different, but thus far I've been able to maintain possession of my cell phone, purse and keys, yay!!
I'm sorry to pause this here,but my computer keeps trying to log me.Coincidence? Hmmm...

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Naughty, erotic story featuring my starlet Emmy ! It is a classic,steamy tale. I hope you enjoy...

Hello Everyone,
It has been a bit since I've put pen to paper, so to speak . I have been "good" busy, as I hope all of you have as well !
  I also have had the privilege of catching up with some old friends.
Meaning, favorite clients from the past have found me once again, yay !! I love when that happens, it feels like good karma or something wonderful like that .... giggling.

 So I open up my emails, stretching cat-like, sipping coffee, when I spot an address that seems familiar. An address that I recognized, but couldn't place. Uh, oh, this could go either way, haha.
So I brace myself and open it..
What ?!

It's a really good one!
  A smoldering client that I had regularly seen up until a couple of years ago, wow!

I was beyond delighted! AND he wanted to schedule within the next couple of days! Yippee! I could hardly wait as I found him to be very attractive, distinguished and well, just plain hot!! Meow!

When I received the time confirmation message back from (let's call him) Mr. X, I happened to be wearing my sexy, snug leather pants, thigh high black boots and a tight, provocative sweater .
And I was mounting my scooter. Which was perfect timing,
because the very thought of an upcoming rendezvous really gets my juices flowing..

Upon returning from my ride around the city, I hop in a steamy shower to
 clear my thoughts and wash away the dampness that accompanies an especially thrilling ride on top of a powerful, vibrating, humming machine.

After my shower, my hair still wrapped in a towel, I peruse and stroke the lingerie in my drawer, pondering what to wear for my date.

I love how amazing it feels in my hands ....
I finally settle on a black silky, clingy La Perla slip, matching black satin thong, a pair of killer black Manolo boots and some sultry, deep red lipstick.

After strutting around my apartment wearing only my lingerie, I decide that I should probably wear something over it, since I was going to an upscale hotel downtown and soon, lol.
 I settle on a sleek, chic Dior little black dress, one that would neither draw too much unwanted attention, nor look out of place for my elegant destination. Off I go...

I really relish the moment when I glide through the doors of a hotel
and breeze through the reception area. Maintaining both the attitude of confident, beautiful executive and sex kitten, who is ready for a night of pure unrestricted bliss....
 I entered the elevator and ask the sharply attired man already in there, to press the button for my floor.
 I pretended not to notice him gazing longingly at my shapely round ass, full pert breasts. Instead I stare into the mirror and demurely run my hands through my lengthy, thick blonde mane ... So deliciously naughty, I know.  😁

When we reach the next floor, a middle aged couple entered trying very hard not to appear together, but it was clear from their chemistry, that they were.
They both were glancing constantly, but subltly over at me  and it was really starting to arouse me.
 I also love this knowing that under my flirtatious, body skimming dress, I am also wearing some unusually playful lingerie. If they only knew!!
 I imagined that I may become part of their fantasy later that evening when they made love, adding me to their secret risque' tryst....oooooh..

Finally here is my floor! Time to make my way down the hall to his suite. Upon getting closer, I felt a wave of heat, excitement and intense desire and found myself losing control a little! My thong now warm and wet with the sheer thought of the evening ahead of me.
I quickly nervously grope quickly through my purse, looking for my lipgloss and a little powder. I wanted to be perfect when my date first saw me again.
 I arrive at his door and knock softly. I am so nervous, excited and flush with anticipation!

A handsome, mature, white haired gentleman wearing an elegant pinstripe suit and a crisp white shirt opens the door. I could not help it, I gasp faintly, he was so handsome, wow!
We hug and tenderly kiss one another on the cheek and he offers a nice glass of wine. The room is beautiful, I comment, noticing that he had placed candles all around and had sexy French music softly playing in the background..

 After catching up a bit and sharing some wine, I suggest I change into the outfit that he had requested. Ohhh, I can barely wait to.

By now, I am drenched and aching with desire for him, I really love my "job"!!

I was soon in character as his wanton secretary, who had secretly wanted to seduce him, her married boss, for months. In this fantasy, we were forced to stay late at the office finishing an important project. I casually graze his shoulder with my breasts, while leaning over him, my blouse enticingly unbuttoned. He seems excited by the " accidental " contact, so I decide to give his shoulders a light massage . By his response, he's clearly enjoying it and I become emboldened. I caress the middle of his back and slowly work my hands towards his chest and abdomen...

 His barely audible resistance, becomes less and less and turns to moans of pleasure as I unzip his slacks and begin intently stroking him. I continue to slowly, teasingly, undress him. All the while keeping my hands on and massaging his very hard, enticing penis..

My date was most certainly in a total state of bliss. His head laid back and eyes closed. All the while I gently probe, stroke him and then come around front to land right on his lap. I sit my very wet, pulsing spot on his hungry, throbbing, hot pipe...
The night continued this way as I  proceeded to tease, lick, fondle him and
push him to the edge of bliss over and over, again and again....

We were unrelenting during our 3 hours together! When our extraordinary evening was finally over and I quietly left the hotel – leaving behind one very happy gentleman, blissfully tucked in his bed - I looked as pulled together and chic as when I first arrived .
But look a little closer and you will see the slightest secret smile as I disappear into the night..

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Prebook for this delicious addiction ! It just may ruin you for any other sensual experience besides tantra !
Giggling .... it is extremely enjoyable ! There's a reason that I generally only partake in one or the other . Schedule now!