Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I had a naughty dream last night and you were in me… I mean, it…

My day normally begins with perusing my emails..I see one that has a familiar name and we hadn't met yet due to our scheduling incongruities..I do appreciate his persistence and see that he is coming to town on an evening that I am available! Finally!

So after some brief email exchanges about time and so forth,he makes a special request for a session scenario..Firstly,there are some others that I particularly enjoy creating along with the "reluctant massage therapist" that I briefly mention in my site. Which gets me to thinking about other fun,naughty scenarios that are exciting not only to read about,but also very fun to explore if you dare....

"Caught in the Act"

Men as well as sensually free women such as myself, get a rush when sex is risqué. Knowing that someone could walk in any moment can provide a sexual high like non other.

These guys (and myself) aren’t necessarily really flashers or exhibitionists.

They just want to pretend as if they are. And getting caught completely and vulnerably in the act, is part of the thrill of this forbidden delight.
As well as flashing an accidental peek at a hot girl,also quite the turn on for me as well,ooh la la !
And this sexual fantasy will remain on our minds for a long time to come.

" Damsel in Distress"

A stranger is what many men want in bed . It’s one of the biggest male fantasies, and one that has a great story line too.
You are walking down the street, and a girl runs up to you and tells you she’s in trouble.
Apparently, she is being chased by some bad men. You decide to help her and protect her. You do,bravely and win. She leaps on you with gratitude and noticed you are scratched and bruised from the altercation and she goes with home you to dress your injuries. When you arrive,she cleans and treats your war wounds....

You see that her blouse is torn and she’s got a scratch on her back. You ask her to slide her bra straps off her shoulder so you can apply an antiseptic on her wound. She shyly removes her blouse to reveal a body that’s worth dreaming about. She unhooks her bra and slips her strap down. Her top is now on the floor along with her bra. Her well endowed breasts are hard to conceal as she coyly places her hands to cover her nipples. They’re full and perky. The hair on her back starts to stand as you gently apply the cream on her back. You move closer and she can feel your hot breath on her neck,you gently kiss her.... She smiles over her shoulder,leans her head back and takes her hands off her breasts and moves them along your thighs , hips and ....

The next moment, you are making hot, frenzied love.
Okay. Cut .
You naughty boy, you have an erection already, don’t you?
A gorgeous stranger is the hottest person to have sex with, if not in reality, then in a man’s head.

"Voyeuristic pleasure"

Men get extremely excited when they fantasize about watching a woman getting dirty from afar.

Even a clean show is arousing . Remember The Girl Next Door, where the guy stares at the jaw dropping, awe inspiring sexy Elisha Cuthbert while she’s taking her clothes off? That’s just hot! And it’s even hotter if the guy doesn’t know the girl!

The best voyeuristic sexual male fantasy is probably watching a really hot girl stripping off as he’s watching her through his window or a girl stripping herself off in her pool for a midnight skinny dip,then maybe pleasuring herself....mmmmmm..

"The Dominatrix"

Men are usually the lead taker in the bedroom. However many men fantasize about times when they would end up in bed with a woman who will bind him to the bed with handcuffs and rip his clothes off and totally, completely dominate him and take from him what she desires. It might be an ego crusher, but her aggression comes from her wild attraction for him, right? She desires him and wants him, so it’s all cool and sexy. Bring it on! Having a controlling partner is just what a man needs once in a while.

" The Virgin"

Men are competitive, just like their sperm. They all want to be the first to get into a girl’s pants....hands under her bra,fondling those young firm breasts.. Check out the bevy of sites solely dedicated to barely legal virgin girls and you would know this is true. One of the biggest male fantasies is about being the first one entering her sweet, young yoni and teaching her what it’s all about.
A lot of men have a fantasy about being the guy to have sex with a girl for the first time for other reasons too. He may want to have sex with a virgin, because he can control her or it may be because he wants to teach her. But mostly, it’s just because he wants to be the first one to "plant his flag" so to speak.
But whatever the reason may be, many men do fantasize about taking the virtue from a girl who has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday!