Monday, August 6, 2012

On a sexier note......

.....I have ordered some new spicey add ons that I am excited to share with some of my established friends.
I'll give you a hint,one is a piece of furniture,the'll have schedule to see.Ok,ok,one peek and that's it! Haha. See you soon.. XO Marina


To the delicious men that I've had great experiences with already,please ignore the spanking that I'm about to administer to the potential trouble makers that I choose to avoid like the plague.XO Marina

Ok,I was just contacted by yet another supposed TER member,I have repeatedly asked The Erotic Review board to remove mention of me everywhere on their site on and off for the last five years.Not that there is anything bad on there about me,I just get frustrated when a "potential" client ,who claims that they saw my review,then asks me questions that are already answered many times over in my reviews,on my site as well as here.And that seems to be a prolific amount of TER referrals for some reason.

 Questions such as,are those pics really you?

 One more time,lol. I sent my driver's license and held a paper with the date in my mirror and took a picture  on my blackberry to be published on,,and the 3 or 4 other sites that I am on....Also a previous client answered in a discussion about me on The Erotic Review saying that he saw me 5 years ago,that I am real and a certified massuese and that I am a professional model .All things that are true.

Next are the rates questions. I cannot and will not ever reply to those as it is incriminating.They are posted,enuff said.

I won't even get started about the sessions questions,but thankfully those are few and far between.I also simply delete emails that ask me for any details about the sessions as those are leading and incriminating for me to answer.Come on TER guys,I thought you were "hobbyists" you should already know these things.Tsk,tsk,I may have to take you to task.

And if you cannot be bothered filling out my contact form,I'm going to say,I won't likely be bothered with you.
I really,really hate sounding like such a beeyatch,please forgive me all sweet men that I get to meet! Until then,XXXXXOOOO Marina