Monday, April 30, 2012

Spam anyone?!

So,if you've been reading my posts,thank you! And thank you even more supremely for setting an appointment! I really am thankful for the great men I've had the pleasure of working on ;)!
(yes,that is a wink,hee,hee).

   So,I am checking my trash and spam folders today for errant or misguided messages that go there accidentally.I know its been a day,but really?? 385 spam messages!!?? Come the hell on!

To the spammers only:
*No,I'm not interested in increasing my penis size.
*I have dish network,so you're too late on that one.
*I really don't want to "hook" up with you,Nikita,Anna and all the myriad other webcam models that market blindly.
*I don't go to Vegas,so I really cannot use your gambling secrets,sorry.
*I do not want to see Mary'snakedsh*&asspenis,actually not even sure what that's supposed to be~roughly translated,I suspect a lovely worm or trojan to crash my system.
*I also seriously doubt Mr. Doubtfire,that you do indeed represent the F.B.I. and that I urgently need to contact you.
*I do not know you,Philip from Nigeria,so why are you waiting for Mitchell in a chat room?And more importantly,why are you emailing me about this?
*AT&T,HELL NO,nuff said!
*If I want an Equifax score,I'm pretty sure I can find you to get that,so again,no thank you.
*I'm happy in my chosen field and really do not want to be an Ultrasound tech,nor desire a career in law enforcement(haha,that one cracks me up!).
*I would have to be a half dead crack whore to want a loan from you "Cash in an Hour",at 500% interest,holy crap! ~clearly my pics show I am not a crack partaker,as I certainly have meat on my bones. :}

The list sadly continues,but you spammers get the idea.Can you just consider this a blanket PASS on my mailbox?I would be eternally be grateful! Have a great day on this drizzly tuesday to everybody else.Sweet kisses to all,except the spammers...ok,maybe a less sweet kiss to you,I'm feeling generous.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Big Thank you!! XX

I just wanted to give a big virtual kiss and a "thank you!" from the bottom of my heart to all of the great guys that I've recently had the pleasure of meeting(and ones that I've been re-visited by especially).You have really made this a fun business for me and I am so grateful! It's not everyone that goes to work and comes home with a huge,$#@eating grin on their face. I feel very lucky and blessed indeed to have met/or know all of you.~Save for the one guy that was clueless and not reading my blog or any other sensical postings on the net about etiquette.No worries,he knows who he was and will be welcomed back,because he was actually cute and comical,just read up!~Again,thank you!! XXXXOOOO Marina