Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tantra , Sex and Bodywork Chicago !

   It's true , in Chicago , many life changing , enjoyable and healthy eastern practices have taken longer to trickle across the continent towards Chicago or any major cities in the midwest .
     Not so many years ago it was rare to see someone carrying a yoga mat , or passing a wellness center offering Reiki , acupuncture or many other amazing
 (now widely embraced ) additions to our present day lives . 

     I remember when I would attend my ballet lessons downtown and our class was held right next to a rare, but hip yoga studio. Nowadays , these are entirely common sights as we have welcomed the life improvements these practices have offered us .                          
 Sadly it is still true that tantric sex experts , tantra spiritual instructors and tantra bodywork practitioners , are comparable to where these amazing eastern routines were even ten years ago here.                                                                                                
Let's just say it is very difficult to find !                                                                                  

      It seems strange , edgy , mysterious and still  fairly misunderstood . However it is a relief to see that is  beginning to break into the mainstream.
Employing a  combination of yoga , focus and proper breathing techniques , tantric sex and body worship is the ultimate experience by far ! Novices and experts alike find it to be much wilder, more exciting and much less predictable than anything ever offered . I am thrilled to be able to combine all of my favorite practices rolled into one for the ultimate experience . Besides the amazing relaxation value , you can learn how to harness your sexual , spiritual , physical and emotional attributes for total and continuing bliss !

     Imagine sharing this experience with a partner that is on that level already and can teach you the steps to attain this for yourself ? !   If you practice with your partner or alone (yes you can do this alone ), this unique practice is both heavenly and life changing .

For me, Tantra is an invaluable tool with unlimited benefits for all to use and enjoy !      Some , but not all tantric instructors include sexuality as a path toward expanding ones selfIn my practice , I incorporate bodywork (body worship) , energy work , breathing and sexuality . Every year cancer is on the rise , as are heart disease and other major illnesses. Even in history , when life was much more difficult and many societies experienced malnutrition , there were in fact , far less disease and fewer types of serious disease that we now know of. One of the main reasons is thought to be because sex and it's numerous benefits, as it was not shameful and hidden the way it is now. It was just a beautiful , enriching , natural experience.  Our bodies would not be designed to experience so much pleasure if it was something bad (and let me share we have only touched the tip of the iceberg of how much bliss we can experience).  I am of the thought that God would not create our bodies in a way that we are able to experience such pleasure , then tell us that it is bad to enjoy these very same pleasures .  If we were meant to merely have sex for reproduction then , like animals , we would only be aroused and active once us ladies became fertile ~ which is ridiculous , of course !
I  , as your guide , happily lead your body , mind , spirit and emotions into healthy and balanced harmony .