Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Erotic adventures in Chicago

I enjoy my life very much.
So as you may know if you've been reading my blog ,I do begin my mornings with a perusal of my preferred and most efficient way of communication (since I work in an 1890's era building that blocks cell phone signals quite well).
I see that I have an inquiry , a very polite one , always a turn on! I gladly respond to him . He would like an extended session with me . :) Great !
But.. Somehow I derive that he is under my required 35+ age preference...drat , he seemed so nice . I inform him of this , apologize gently to him and move on to my other messages .
What's this ? A popup alert , another email from J . ? Awwww , now I'm feeling badly , I do really hate to say "no". But in it he shares with me that he is well acquainted with a client I had seen regularly a couple of years back who has sinced moved away . He also shares how often the previous-said-client (his friend) chatted me up and that I had helped him and was just amazing towards him in general . Wow ! So flattering! I immediately recall the gentleman that he spoke of and respond enthusiastically with , "OMG , I love him! If you are friends then we must meet!" I believe in birds of a feather..
You see , I also am impacted by my experiences with you gentlemen .
After a few message exchanges , we are all set for our meeting .
Soon the appointment time for J. is near , I'm lighting candles , spraying the sheets with a lavender mist , chilling beverages , heating the towel cabi .
When the time arrives , I go to meet him at the door.
Oh wowsa , I may be in a bit of trouble , he is amazingly handsome!!.....Not sure why I was not expecting that to be the could already cut the sexual tension with a knife... I try to act cool , walking with him towards my unit..But ,I am becoming seriously excited...I walk him towards my couch and after he settles in, we chat a moment about our mutual acquaintance . Neither of us wanting to share too much and betray our friend's trust .
I then decide , I need more than the one drink that I currently have to share and he sweetly agrees to drive me to the store . (Phew , I had to get these butterflies simmered down , haha). I , of course asked if his time was ok and I would not consider the store run as part of our session , of course , lol..
Poop , I have to attend to a matter , I want to continue this story though , it's hot!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

So I had a very vivid dream ..

.. that I was kissing the most handsome , sweet , hot man .. meow .. I did indeed wake up with a smile and tried desperately to fall back to sleep to continue that liplocking .. it was intense and passionate ! No such luck , so up I pop out of bed to start my day .

Now here's my naughty teaser of a story for you lads and or ladies ..

Standing behind me , gazing at me through the mirror in front of us , I felt his admiration pressed against my back . The thigh highs had the desired effect .. Maybe this evening , I would get lucky . :} ( Of course I will , are you kidding me ?!) He was in control this evening . I was a lucky woman , of that there was no doubt . What he had in mind I could not venture to guess . Since we were well acquainted for a while , I agree I'd go along for the ride ( literal and otherwise ) this time .. As he guided me onto the cream soft leather seats of his Mercedes , I instantly remembered why I loved this vehicle . The soft leather surrounded me , it scintillates my bare bottom with it's coolness and sends a shiver through me . Minutes later we were jetting down the road ... it was on ! "John's" hand reached for my legs , he squeezed my thigh that promised he was as excited about the evening as I .

I’d never been remotely near this part of town . There were no signs or indications of any sort on the exterior of the building that conveyed what was inside . It loosely resembled a retail business . The dirt parking lot was scandalously crowded with every kind of high end vehicle you could imagine . Maseratis , Ferraris , Bentleys , Lamborghini , Teslas you name it , it was there . Ok , my curiosity is definitely rising .

We park and John holds the door open for me . My eyes adjusted to the blackness of the interior quickly , John’s hand gently cupping my derriere , leads me straight to the bar . He ordered us sex on the beach .. I think he just liked saying the words as he ordered , haha . I had to admit , they tasted fantastic . I sip my drink as I study our surroundings . I'd only heard whisperings that clubs like this existed . Couples were dancing and patrons were in various stages of dress all around the venue . Women dancing erotically on the dance floor with other women and still others dancing with men , some more than one or two .. intriguing . John’s hand slid between my legs at the bar . It was a provocative move that in a normal establishment would have had us escorted abruptly to the curb . This was not a normal lounge . His strong , warm hand engulfs my yoni .... A rush of warmth surges through my entire being at the unabashedness of his touch .

The truth...

This is how I see you ! xoxox