Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A darn good repost from 2013 , if I say so myself !! Giggling..enjoy...I certainly did ... xoxo

Recently I have been having tremendous adventures with my clients !
 Actually , I lied , I nearly always do!! I really do rarely accept very few gentlemen callers so to speak and it is by my choice . I cherish my health , both mental and otherwise and I also want my sessions to be very special encounters . I do not knock anyone for working in other ways , that is just what works for me . Good to know thyself .
So anyway , I met this particular gentleman via email and he had sent me photos of himself along with his verification (so that I may recognize him when we met and as he newly moved to our country, he had virtually no verifiable information here). We emailed a bit back and forth and I was really tickled by his twist on english . He came across as very cute and sweet and I became very intrigued to meet him . He asked me to pick a restaurant for our dinner date , before our dessert ( you know what dessert means , come on , haha ).
So I chose one I thought he may enjoy , it has a flair reminiscent of his country .
I arrived before him and awaited him on the patio near the water and it really was an absolutely lovely summer evening . I was dressed in a turquoise colored , sexy , but not over the top , tank style dress , that hugged my God given curves~have I thanked You lately for them , by the way ?  I do here !?
With platinum colored heels and accessories , I was feeling pretty darn sexy if I do say so..and every head turning my way as I glide through the restaurant confirmed that I chose my outfit well . The server arrives and I nervously place an order for a double martini . I do always get nervous , yes , before meeting someone new .
After an email telling me that he had valeted , I smooth the bottom of my skirt for any wrinkles , scoot to the edge of my chair to be ready to pop up and start peering towards the entrance , trying terribly hard not to be too obvious..And in , he does arrive...oh my God..he is a giant of a man , nearly bursting out of his clothes! He told me he was "large" , but pictures/descriptions only tell so much . And by big , I mean thick and muscular . Wow !! Now , not to brag ,  I have seen my fair share of professional sports players in my earlier career as just a massage therapist . This guy rivaled some of the larger Bears players , wowsa !
I am a curious lass , so as he sits down and starts to nervously ramble (so cute to me , by the way ) . I had to touch his leg to see just how firm he rally was .  I did so when I asked if he'd like a cocktail . Hmm , slick I am , hehe . Oh shoot ! I have a date , but I promise to return to finish this hopefully this evening . It's a very good story filled with sex and intrigue..well at least,some naughtiness..:) XO

Not Him , just a good visual .

Ok , so on an usually quiet monday for me , I can finally finish this story.... I touch Mr. Big's thigh lightly and it's akin to a marble column ( holy crap ! ) , I'm excited and frightened a little at the same time . This guy is really big....giggling . We have a couple of cocktails and appetizers , relishing each other's company , occasional touches and lusty glances with obvious chemistry , so I suggest we head back to my place for our dessert time..meow .
He is intrigued that I drive a scooter and I offered to drive him on the back the couple of blocks to my studio. He reluctantly agreed , but I think it turned him on to have me in control . He gets on and my little bike groans a bit and we make our way back with him stroking and caressing my body the whole way ( Wowsa , so hot ! ) . I'm driving us with a huge grin on my face as his wandering hands feel great and I'm thankful no bugs flew into my mouth , lol . We arrive and freshen up separately in the restrooms and then both repose on the sofa . Where we hungrily start exploring one another with our hands , mouths , tongues , etc . It is getting really hot and we without words , just start stripping off our clothes . His mouth is on my breast , my neck , nibbling my ear..( oh no , don't swallow my earring ! ) I'm straddling his lap and with one fell swoop he produces a 'cover' from seemingly thin air and on I go!! The night pretty much continues with an intense pace of position changes , mouths sucking , licking , his occasional growls .. yes he was growling~( he did ask if I minded.. um , of course not !! ) . Until we were finally spent , laying like two puddles with legs intertwined , catching our breath or more like gasping for air .. I finally get enough energy to get us two preheated towels and a large bottle of water as we both realized how late it actually was , lol . (  I don't have a clock in my fun room ) . So , reluctantly and slowly we start to pull ourselves together again and promise to see other very soon...mmmm , I know it is a night we will not soon forget . Dang this story makes me hot again !! xoxox Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Software