Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm sorry my readers,I feel as if I've been posting boring tutorials lately.I am fine tuning this,so please bear with me.I know you really all enjoy a "dirty read" so here's a little teaser to whet your appetites.

It is hard to choose from one situation to write about as I've had so many fun ones!
  One of my first clients back in the day when I became independent,(Some of you may remember way back when I was with Lace Spa~wowsa)was a gorgeous 20 something muscley stud,let's call him James.As soon as I saw him,I really became nervous,he was so hot! What was he doing here!!?
 After I discreetly wiped the little bit of drool forming at the corner of my mouth,I grinned ear to ear and extended my hand to shake his. Ooooh lala,were those piano keys in his mouth?!
Gotta run,I'll be back to finish this story ,promise!
Ok, a little bit more,then I've gotta go.
So,I ask James the usual ,can I get you anything,here's the restroom,etc. and then instruct him to get ready and let me know when he's on the table.All the time,I'm outside of the room,thinking "how am I going to focus,he's so dam cute?".  He mumbles something so I figure he 's ready for me and proceed into the room after a gentle knock on the door.
  OMG!!! There is a God! This guy's body is unreal! Rippling muscles,tight round buns,I feel all warm and tingly now and my heart is really racing...
Ok,so anyway,back to James!
He is startlingly gorgeous! I have to say,I do have very good looking clients and thank you,I feel very lucky indeed,but James is!!
So he's laying there innocently enough,just waiting for my now trembling hands to start their magic.
I attempt to make a little small talk as I warm the oil up in my hands and get it prepared to rub all over that magnificent body!
 Again,the drool seems to distract me just a little,I am human,you know..
I begin to spread the oil,stroke his shoulders and upper torso,sighing as I make every move on his taught muscular body,man,I really love my job! Haha,I digress...So,James starts chatting a bit to me,in between the moans,his not mine.I'm steadily biting my lip. :D
I am a professional after all! He strained his hamstrings a couple of days ago.Oh,well I am more than happy and equipped to help you with that,James..Yum,should I use my mouth? Would that be too forward?? I shake off the thoughts,before I frighten this sweet man away..