Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oh Hello Houston !!

I have to start out by saying that I have been meeting the most impressive men...I am astonished by the qualities of kindness and generosity that you gentlemen have shown to me . I mean it with all of my heart when I express this , thank you !! Ok , so now on to my sexy , fun story..

   As you may already have been reading , I do enjoy playing the part of the vixen....simply put , I have been one since adolescence , so technically , I guess I am not "playing".. I suddenly ran across an incredible deal to fly to Houston ..and after struggling with the decision to go , bought the tickets , booked my room , reserved my transport and was soon on my way , sight unseen and slightly nervous..I posted a couple of ads in Houston and had one response that intrigued me . I am oh so very titillated when a gentleman displays manners and excellent grammar . It denotes intelligence.. and men , I can scarcely resist that !! He had written me before I left for my trip and as our details , etc. went back and forth , I could sense a real connection beginning to form . That only adds to my growing excitement and slight anxiety .. so after confirming my arrival day to town , we set up a date for the following evening ..
I had to devote some time with family during the day , but our impending date was very much on the front of my mind and I picked up several items during the day to have for my elicit evening partner .. I was really becoming excited and anticipating a fun night ahead as our emails began to pick up some serious steam ... meow , was I getting aroused , he had quite a way with words , without being too wordy ! (***Please let me clarify , I normally do not have a lot of time to email back and forth , however , I was away and he was inquiring as to what my favorite stores were , lingerie preferences , sizes , types of cuisines I preferred and favorite champagnes~he was shopping for gifts for me as well as planning our evening out ! These kinds of emails , a girl always will endeavor to answer !****)
Ok , so it's time to dress , I go with the nude colored clingy , short tank dress with the sexy cuban heel thigh highs..
A pic says it all!
Ready to meet my date in the lounge . It's so pretty and romantic and I cannot wait . Even though , I really didn't have a clear idea of what my gentleman looked like , I spotted him walking in right away . He was beautifully dressed in an elegant grey suit , well groomed , grinning from ear to ear (my favorite accessory~a smile) and carrying two large Nordstrom's shopping bags .. I was so stunned and delighted and when we greeted and kissed hello , it was as though we were already well acquainted .. So sweet ! We sat closely and began conversing and laughing , hardly noticing the polite waitress waiting to take our drink orders . :)
I will tell you , I scarcely remember the lovely meal we shared and in fact recall , getting drinks to go and heading back up to my room ... Wow !! , is all I will tell you , in fact , so "wow" we agreed to meet again for the next evening for a repeat , lol ... I really love Houston !!! Thank you , E and I cannot wait until next time ! XXXX