Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just minding my own business and came across this sexy pic..

It was so seriously sexy to me,I had to save it and share it! I anticipate doing this scenario,give or take a few less clothing items,very soon! I am crazy hot right now!! XXXXX

Saturday, December 21, 2013

So the Holidays are here!!

And I am firmly entrenched in the good cheer of it all! There really is something magical to me about this time of year. I love the decorations,the corny Christmas carols,the well wishing from strangers in stores and on the streets..all of it! Yes,there's more hustle and bustle with the extra gatherings and parties(if you're lucky!),the gift selecting and procuring and just general briskness in activity as the climactic days wrap to an end.This is the part that I savor the most...the anticipation,the energy of this time of year...the surprise and hopefully delight of your beloveds' faces when they open your carefully selected gifts.(By the way,I did have some "naughty santa's helper" lingerie on order for a select few to unwrap on me,it's on the slowboat from who know where,apparently,lol.)

But I do digress..back to the season.My point is,that if you can,cherish the moments,embrace your loved ones,create some new memories..If you can sneak away to share a moment with me,wonderful!! I will be sure to put something special in my stockings for you,ME! xoxoxox <Happy Holidays Everyone!! xxxx