Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day in a life of the erotic therapist. ;)

Well it's been a wee bit slow for work right now,so
I've been reading up about some new techniques to try on my next clients.I do expect to have some again at some point,lol.
Just kidding,I haven't been thaaat slow. I have many clients that travel for work and am pretty picky about who I let come to my studio lately. So it's been a great time to learn some new exciting techniques and organize and decorate a bit more in my new space. I've been completely stoked to use some of the new nuru lotion I picked up on amazon.Body to body massages are soooo hot! As I was about to enjoy shortly.after my brief hiatus.Yes!!! I had a client interested in trying a body to body.I love when clients are a little reserved when making requests for appointments,especially the more exotic offerings. They always end up being the most exciting,it might be the slight domme in me,lol.

A day like any other,or so I thought.. :)

So I open up my emails early this morning in anticipation of a busy day and lo and behold there is mostly spam and store sale notifications..ugh,really?! But then a very small font in an email catches my eye. It's a familiar address and I'm hoping another clients account hasn't been hacked by spammers,sending out viagra ads.
Wait,it's a legit note and he makes a unique request. Hmm,intriguing....and this time I actually thought before quipping back that I don't do fetish requests,because this email wasn't really written like that.
He actually proposed a fun adventure for an appointment,instead of just a massage. His idea was to pretend we were spending the day at the beach and we could rub suntan oil on each others bodies.I actually thought it was a great idea and just happened to buy a pretty sexy bikini from Victoria's S.He offered to bring the suntan lotion and the beach towels and I said "absolutely,it sounds fun!"So in preparation for the appointment,I find some nice reggae music that has a caribbean flair,stop at the store for some beachy refreshments,get my tan on so I look as sexy as possible in the new suit and eagerly await my date's arrival.
He was right on time and I had forgottten how cute he was from our last appointment...He was discreetly carrying a pretty full backpack,so I escorted him quickly down the hall to my studio..We chatted briefly,discussed where the best place for the beach would be set up at and before I knew it,he had plush towels nicely laid out and showed me the lotions he purchased.He really impressed me with how thorough he was.I suggested we get our suits on and gave him his privacy while we both changed.
   I came back to the "beach" area to find my guy just finishing up,I was actually a bit nervous and excited.He had some sexy shorts on and caught a glimpse of myself in my suit~yes thanks,pilates!! Haha.
I asked if he wanted to massage me first to break the ice and he looked pretty excited,so I was glad I asked.Well,I'd love to finish this story,but it does become rather sexy and I'm not sure who is all reading,but it was very exciting to say the least!