Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another sunny ,crisp autumn day in sexy land.....

Oooh,I love the crunch of the leaves under foot and the faint distinct aroma of a wood burning fireplace as I walk down the street in my neighborhood! So,I do hope that all had a lovely pre Halloween saturday evening,I know I certainly did! I do live in a fantastic part of town with the well known Chicago pubs. It was a blast doing a pub crawl with my girls in costume,it's been a while since I've done that!
Most places were jumping and fun and if not,we finished our drinks and moved on.I wish I could get a pic of us last night,we were quite the eclectic group! One girl dressed as a pretty pony,with a bra over her triple D's,lol,another as a slutty witch with a blinged up broomstick,I was a sexy sailor in port for the night with my double D's spilling nearly all the way out of my top and my now ass length blonde hair grazing my back side ,my victoria secrets thigh high boots and finally we had a Pam Anderson,with her red latex body suit and heels,haha. Too much fun! So if you saw us out,dancing in the streets,yep that was me in the center of that crazy hot pack!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Demystifying the Yoni Worship (Tantra Yoni Massage)

Firstly I'd say that most men have a general idea about how to please their mate or partner at  the moment.  However,if you'd like it to be more of a memorable,say mind blowing experience for both (particularly you "pleaser" men~you know who you are) continue reading . Tantra as a practice in your love life is incredible in so many ways .

One way being,there is no end to discovering the pleasure of your lover..meaning , to me , that each time that you share an encounter together , that it builds upon the last and becomes more intense and intimate . That is really a powerful experience for most and also why I keep my most intimate encounters to a very few , lucky individuals . I smile and wink as I write that last sentence..

 Now I will try to give some basic teaching on a yoni massage and unfortunately , the very best video that I located at one point I did not bookmark , but my favorite is amazing , the downside being  ,it's just quite lengthy...Yoni massage teaching video :Email me for the link,it is not allowed here for some reason,sorry fellas (and ladies!). It's very educational and HOT!!
On the physical level, the Yoni massage starts with massaging other erogenous zones, including the breasts, behind the knees, abdomen, and the thighs. Aromatic oils should be used as well and poured directly over the Yoni at the beginning and during the session.
The Yoni massage is one of the most satisfying experiences not only for a woman, but for her partner as well and is also an ancient lovemaking art that could transform men from good lovers to amazing ones.