Friday, July 10, 2015

Tantra of many flavors.. :-)

I always hesitate for many reasons to write about personal experiences here so I have sprinkled them with some fiction in order to maintain complete discretion and what the heck , give LE something fun and dramatic to read ! See , I'm thoughtful this way. :D I met a very interesting gentleman this week and after quite a bit of chatting (sorry , you are really funny!) , I learned some things about myself and my business . So I thought why not bring the subject here , I tend to be pretty upfront and forthcoming . He is a very experienced world traveler and as such has had opportunities abroad and stateside to experience tantra of many flavors , I will call it . I asked in general , I do not breach personal boundaries unless invited , if he would share some things he has experienced . I am a curious lass.. So he did . Firstly , he was waiting by the glass window of the lobby to watch me approach , to check if I was the woman in the ads. I spotted him and hugged him and immediately loved his physique . I am statuesque and with heels , I am over 6' . Yet , I still had to reach up to embrace his shoulders . Hmm , I'm 'girl squealing' inside with delight . We head to his suite after a few seconds of chatting , only to discover there is no mini bar in the suite ..huh ? Anyway , he goes through great lengths to get us beverages which I am starting to feel pangs of guilt him going through all of that . I don't want to be a difficult guest ,quite the contrary . I could have easily grabbed libations along my way to his hotel . He then told that he would not have gone beyond the hotel entry had he not approved of me and would have sent me away with a "consolation" fee .

When he shared that I was very happy to hear that I passed inspection and felt extremely flattered that he went through so much hassle to get me a cocktail ...thank you!!!.. warm fuzzies.. :D

I do hear on occasion that men have had horrible bait and switch encounters with providers or old pics or very air-brushed likenesses , that were not likenesses at all.. It thrills me to no end that my usual response is positive as I do go through lengthy measures to reassure my potential clients that I am who I say I am and that you should at the very least have a pretty great time in my care and company .

Also he was secretly assessing my tantra know-how as he had had numerous tantric experiences and many of them legit . Yay! That doesn't frighten me whatsoever as I am extremely confident in my skills , passion and training . And I have an abundant arsenal of moves that seem to be unique to me . I take tantra very seriously and passionately and am completely delighted when I can delight you. But even beyond that , help you to venture into a completely new and body trembling experience over and over again!

P.S. Next he did comment on some of my past blog posts that he felt came across snarky/bitchy and that really , truly made me sad , but I am very grateful for his feedback. I am very kind and sweet to every person that comes through my door and you will unlikely find anyone to say anything different . I probably can remove the "good client" posts and others like it as only "good clients " or potential good clients read them and I do not want to give an incorrect impression.