Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alright,naughty blogging time...

Now this is what it's all about!! When I have a great connection with  my guest,there's nothing sexier on the face of the earth,nor a happier girl!!! I've been told that I'm lucky that I have such a high sex drive,haha...I cannot imagine not having it! I am very selective and have very few interactions of the most intimate nature,much to many's surprise..It is just how I am..but oh baby when the stars align!!!! Whew!
As they did very recently..I received an inquiry from a gentleman,that did make me curious.I was able to easily google him and his photos actually came up immediately.I always like to see you as much as you enjoy seeing me,gentlemen,but I am unique,in that I am visual... He was very cute,so I was like "yippee!". Let's get him in asap. Haha,I am so naughty! He schedules a time and I eagerly set out to my studio to get it ready for our rendezvous.I purchase the wine,bring some new candles,of course, pack the thigh highs and sexy boots,and I'm soon on my way..Ooops,just got a text,be right back!

  Ok,well that text turned out to be another adventure that I'm savoring and will write about at another time..I have the best life ever!!!
  So,I'm getting prepared to meet my handsome new date and do a last minute once over of my studio,fresh sheets with linen spray,check,plenty of freshly washed and folded towels next to the bed,check,everything cleaned ,straightened and ready for company,check,oops,forgot to light the candle by the bed and turn on the towel warmer~yes ,I love spoiling my dates!~Alright,just need to meet him in at the door and we are ready!

 I go to the glass door and start scanning the street and walkers by to see if it could be him coming up.Not so far and I feel the anticipation rising and my juices starting to flow and moisten my sheer panties..darn!! I can never wait patiently! I only had to wait about 2 minutes and I see a man that resembles his photos coming up.Yes!!! It's him and he's grinning at me,like I am at him,lol...I love that! I open the door for me and whisk him indoors,it's really gusty outside! He comes into the foyer and I give him a big hug and a squeeze,,he feels really nice..mmmm and smells a little like fragrant pipe tobacco.I like it. I show him around a bit,where he can freshen up,etc..then invite him to join me for some wine. He says "yes",he'd love a glass and I'm gushing with delight..Yawn,today's adventures have worn me out a bit,I will continue this tomorrow... XXXX