Sunday, July 27, 2014

Long , slow , kisses .... sigh .....

You know the ones ... that make your blood flow away from your brain and into the warmest recesses of your being .. the ones that curl your toes ever so slightly and make your heart pound with desire ..

Yes , those are the ones .

Wow ! What a week , this past one !! I'm still recovering ! Have I mentioned before how much I love summer !?

It's true . But then again , I enjoy my life very much .

So as you may already know , I do begin my mornings with a perusal of my emails .. my preferred and most efficient way of communication ( since I reside in an 1890's era building that blocks cell phone signals quite effectively ) .
I see that I have an inquiry , a very polite one , which to me is always a turn on ! I enthusiastically respond to him .
He would like an extended session with me . :) Great !
But .. Somehow I derive that he is under my required 35+ age preference ... drat , he seemed so nice and just my type . I sadly inform him of this , apologize gently and move on to my other messages .

What's this ? A popup alert , another email from J. ?
Awwww , now I'm feeling badly , I do really hate to say "no" . But in it he shares with me that he is well acquainted with a client I had seen regularly for massage sessions a couple of years back . He also shares how often the previous-said-client ( his friend ) chatted me up and that I had helped him and was just amazing towards him in general . Wow ! So flattering ! I immediately remember the gentleman that he spoke of and respond enthusiastically with , "OMG , I love him ! If you are friends then we must meet !"
You see , I also am impacted by my experiences with you gentlemen .
After a few message exchanges , we are all set for our meeting .

Soon the appointment time for J. is near , I'm lighting candles , spraying the sheets with a lavender mist , chilling beverages , heating the towel cabi .
When the time arrives , I go to meet him at the door .
Oh wowsa , I may be in a bit of trouble , he is amazingly handsome !!..... Not sure why I was not expecting that to be the case ... you could already cut the sexual tension with a knife ... I try to act very non-chalant and cool , walking with him towards my private door .. But , I am becoming seriously excited ... I show him around and after he settles in , we chat a moment about our mutual acquaintance . Neither of us wanting to share too much and betray our friend's trust .
I then decide , I need more than the one drink that I currently have to share and he sweetly agrees to come with me to the store . ( Phew , got to get these butterflies simmered down , haha ) . I , of course asked if his time was ok and I would not consider the store run as part of our session , either , lol ..

Poop , I have to attend to a matter , I want to finish this story though , it's extraordinarily amaaaaazing ....... or better yet , perhaps we can have our own tryst ..xoxox

Friday, July 4, 2014

Another Fourth of July is upon us!!

This will be short and very sweet as I have a beautifully hectic day ahead! There is no rain to be seen in the forecast,the sun is shining brightly and I am heading with my small boat and friends to the beach to relax and celebrate!
Indoor fireworks will resume in my sultry ,dripping with desire studio tomorrow fellows.....;} Happy Fourth of July to all that I admire and will come to admire! Lusty,Smooches! xoxoxox