Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here's to all you sexy daddies!!! Happy father's day!!!!!!!

A repost of one of my personal favorites! xoxox Does anyone else occasionally enjoy the rainy summer days? Sometimes I do as well..such as today , I am seriously considering making some of my homemade chili . Yesterday was a different story as I was out and about doing errands as well as working on my flowers outside . I love beautiful flowers ! While I was outdoors kneeling around the plants ,with my trowel in one hand ,wearing a thin , white , clingy t-shirt and cut off jean shorts , I was caught in a sudden burst of showers. Normally this would have had me heading straight for shelter , but I was determined to finish this project. You see I've been putting it off out of sheer insane busi-ness . So I continued to work and fairly quickly the rain had soaked my hair and soon rain drops found their way into my eyes ..I brush them away and decide that it's ok , I am water proof and actually it's fairly warm , so I don't mind . Project completed ,the boxes are securely screwed tightly to the deck and I gather my tools and head to my car ....on to my next item on my to-do list. Having some paper towels in my back seat , I quickly squeeze the excess water from hair , blot the moisture from my face and arms and proceed to Milwaukee ave.
Getting out of my vehicle and walking down to the bank , I notice several men leering at me much more than the usual . "What the heck ?" , I think as I enter the bank lobby and start my transaction . I look down at my purse which I had hung across my body messenger bag style and that's when I notice . My perky double D's anouncing themselves to the world in my slightly damp but now very transparent lace bra and t-shirt. Holy Crap , I may get arrested for indecent exposure and pull my top away from my body quickly , lol.. I hurriedly retrieve my card from the atm and jog as fast as my sandals would allow.. back to my car . I've been told more than once that when I run , it's a bit like a Baywatch clip ,'s really not intentional . Well several catcalls and whistles later , I'm safely back in my driver's seat . When the anxiety starts to recede I realize I am now becoming incredibly aroused by my brief public nudity and am hoping to see one of my clients soon in order to share my wetness with ...I may even wet my t-shirt again...XOXO

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hahaha,I just had to say! And yes this is penthouse forum....

...or at least many reviewers believe they are such amazing writers for such publications. I just received this in my email today and sadly it's not the first solicitation for fake online reviews that I've received.
That's correct,I did say fake reviews,written by non clients. inhale....resume.

That's true..quite a few of the reviews written online (Especially TER,as they reward the fake reviewers with a free vip membership...) are falsified by either said provider or a crazy fan of hers/him,or a mixture of more than both..

I have met many providers locally as well as in my travels,or non local ones.So I am quite aware of what it must be like on your end,lol.I have met 2 that actually do resemble their photographs and are as sweet as honey in person..the others? Well....
Some days this is truly a ridiculous business...My next story promises to be a naughty one,I just had to share this with you. xox

P.S.Apparently they've never read my site or blog as I prefer no reviews/mentions for legal and discretionary reasons.
Uh,it's Friday the 13th,I'm living dangerously.I solicited them,so,gentlemen,I may soon be the proud owner of some incredible fake reviews on TER.Weeee...Hahaha..Hello my Boston friends,especially a particular cat owner that I adore and miss,you better come visit! :)