Friday, December 22, 2017

My Sensual Tantra and More Stories...

To say that I'm generally adventurous would be a bit of an understatement . But then again, I am not lacking in the self confidence department..giggling..

I could , and may , compose novels with stories of adventures and the experiences I've had in my life .
And now, even more so in my delectable Tantra career . Not to worry, I am the poster child for utter and absolute discretion as you already know !

But just as an example , I love having sex in unexpected places , and it is such a turn on to hear my partner suggest places that we could pull it off .
Bear in mind , my stories are fiction and strictly for entertainment value !

As such is often the case, I begin to ramble here and then I get pulled away by a lovely invitation . This is no different . I apologize for the brief tease (not really, anticipation is amazing !) . I will return as soon as I am able . xoxox Longingly, Marina
P.s. Perhaps while you await the story's completion, you should pay me a visit at my new lovely location !! I would most definitely welcome you with open arms and appropriate dress or lack there of.... ;-}

The pic below is not me,but there is a striking resemblance!